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I am an enthusiastic tech guy, audiophile, and gamer all-in-one from the always sunny island known as Singapore. I have my YouTube channel too so if you head over there, you will see many gameplay videos with some tech videos as well. I do hope to do more tech videos when I am more financially able; every little support helps! Do contact me at if you have any inquiries or feedback; or if you like to make a donation/sponsor to me! I appreciate every form of help available. The rest of my social media links are down below! Catch me on Twitch!

Apple delays the Airpods

The Apple Airpods which will solve the main problem of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus not having a headphone jack has apparently been delayed. It is supposed to be out in late October but Apple has officially confirmed the delay. It is a good thing as it would be better to...
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Should you upgrade to 10.0.1?

iOS 10 is out but please don’t update it yet, there are some known bugs, and it is highly recommended as usually to wait for the 10.0.2 update. There are some issues with the patch causing some users to face brick problems, and if you didn't know, the only way to...
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The dark horse: LG V20?

LG is making the V20 official at an event in San Francisco today, usually by this time there already a lot of leaked info and rumors, not this time round though. We've had plenty of supposed sightings of the V20 (the latest in what seems to be a leaked promo video),...
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